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Tony's cottages

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bfollenweider @ 09:36 pm: Beth's pics from ER 2004
Hi all. Here is a link to the photos I took this year. http://photomail.photoworks.com/sharing/album.asp?Key=1~FQQ4aBru.cI8f25rx6jKVMFX61BjyKL2

Looks like you might have to cut and paste it. There are some from our hike in Marinette County and also some from our ride home - it was a gorgeous day. Also snapped a couple of photos (also on our way home) of the local Snowy Egret sanctuary. Wish I had a photo of that Osprey. Quite a few pics of Daniel and Siggy - I couldn't any of Rowley!!!

Hopefully life isn't too traumatic for anyone. Being sober and awake is really quite alarming for me. I'm looking forward to next weekend when we go to Schaefer Lake in Monticello Indiana next weekend to party with some friends.




Date:September 13th, 2004 01:09 pm (UTC)
The photos are great, Beth. Thanks for sharing them here.
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