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Tony's cottages

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lorieonthelake @ 10:38 am: Summer 2006
OK, everyone ("everyone" being Beth) -- here's a place to plan ahead for this August's drinking, swimming, pyromania, etc.


Date:September 11th, 2006 11:07 pm (UTC)

Re: Yes, I miss the lake, too.

I don't either of my dogs would be an acceptable choice. Siggy might do it if Rusty or I were the walkers but Rocky would stop to either a) bark at the audience or b) eat any props inadvertantly left on stage or c) bite anyone he didn't know.

yes, the color is fading except on my stupid legs where I burned the sh*t (apparently swearing online is troublesome but not in person) out of them. And oddly enough, it still hurts like hell!

Funny you should say 2 months. I told Rusty I thought we should stay for 2 months to really truly feel it. It looks like we might go up to snow-mobile but I think the lake might be a tad cold. Even for Rich and I.
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