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Tony's cottages

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lorieonthelake @ 10:38 am: Summer 2006
OK, everyone ("everyone" being Beth) -- here's a place to plan ahead for this August's drinking, swimming, pyromania, etc.


Date:August 12th, 2006 01:03 pm (UTC)

Re: Hot Water?

Hi Beth, this is Rich using Lorie's user name. Yeah, I've been hoping the same thing about the lake temperature this year. It would be nice if I could go in without my usual blood-curdling screams of shock, huh?

I've started a new job. Same agency, but I'm now in the accounting department doing payroll and A/P. I've only completed my first full week, but MAN, am I ready for Eagle River this year!

Thanks for thinking of us regarding your floor guy, but we did find someone and the floors turned out wonderfully. Just two small rooms, but it really did make a big difference.

A karaoke machine? LOL How cool! Are you bringing it with you for the campfires? We are bringing up a friend this year (you guys actually met him at "Man of La Mancha" . . . I think he and Rusty struck up a conversation about music, or guitars, or something) and he is a huge karaoke fan . . . so much so that he has his own karaoke CDs. Should I tell him to bring them up? LMAO Karaoke at the lake . . . would Wisconsin survive?

See you soon!

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